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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Overwhelmed it putting it lightly.
We built this wonderful addition which included a work
room/studio space for me.  However, when the holidays hit everything was crammed in here BEFORE the storage units were ready.  It wasn’t to bad but I added to the mess with more wool, fabrics…and then it became the catch all room with odd items and outgrown kids clothes.

Everyday I try to spend 10-15 minutes sorting and organizing but, with out the storage units it’s basically shifting piles.  The only thing safe right now is customer’s wool in their individual bags.

OK, No Judging now!

The room 005

The wall to the left you can’t see is lined with bins and 3 drawer units

Digging through wool bins for the Ravellenics projects I trashed it even more. Well, in reality just shifted the piles around…and created a few avalanches.

It’s embarrassing & overwhelming but unless I empty it and start over with shelving, there really is not a solution.  I can only knit and sew so fast…if I can get to the sewing machine!

Last week I found some temporary help.  I’ve seen these in Target for about $20. but didn’t want to spend the money.

The room 001

I’d popped in the local Aldi’s and found one for $9. Score!

The room 002

I had lost numerous bags of fabric in this room and as I find and unpack them the shelf is filling up. 

This is all wool I just unpacked from various shipments I’ve received but couldn’t put away properly…because I couldn’t get to it!

The room 003

Larry has found a shelving unit that will fit perfectly on this wall and hold all 12 of the these 38 qt containers & I can store the un-dyed on top.  Right now I have to move 3 exploding bins to get one on the bottom..which is why all the small bits are on top.

The room 005 - Copy

Obviously organization is not my forte but, I should never have moved anything in till the storage was in place…for now I’m working on it. Walking in there it’s overwhelming so I’ve started with 15- minute time blocks to help with that. I’ve set my own deadline to have it useable by 12 August…shelving or no shelving!  I’ve been at it an hour now and am giving 15 more minutes before I stop for the afternoon.  So, this post is for accountability!

The break is over….off to sort some more

What is your challenging space to organize?


Katie who is posting beforeichickenout


  1. Ha Ha , you just need to keep plugging at it, it is a massive job. Keep finding all sorts of interesting stuff I forgot I had, then try to remember what project I had in mind to start with. Need to get Husband to build me an unit to slid my 9 purple plastic craft tubes into. That would tidy the place up nicely.

  2. Don't be embarrassed.... We all have some hidden area that we don't want anyone to know about... LOL! I still have stuff in boxes from when we moved in here 11 years ago. Talk about procrastination... Oh, well... Good luck and try not to get buried!

  3. My messy place is my garage stall, and unfortunately the whole world gets to see it when I'm working in the garden (which is ALWAYS). I keep cleaning it up, but I've got 100 different things going on at once.
    Keep plugging away at it--it will be nice to get storage in there.
    You'll get there!

  4. Our garage is the catch all. It's hard to move around and you can't park a vehicle in there. We're slowly working on it. It's going to take a while because it's hot working inside it.

  5. Thanks ladies for the encouragement. It's a goodthing hubby dosn't read this or he would have a cow! I got a bit more organized and then Larry came home & took me out for supper

  6. What a lovely bright room! Keep plugging away at it....15 minute increments is a great idea! I can guarantee that once it becomes more organized, you will want to stay in there longer and it will get done quicker. Good luck and can't wait to see the organized room unveiled!

  7. Debbie, I'm blaming you for this! I bought a jelly roll and wanted to get sewing....couldn't get to the machine! You need to come visit and help LOL!I worked sorting for another hour and it looks MUCH better. I knew if I cleared the table first I would be sewing in the mess so, it's still needs to be done.

  8. our storeroom is my challenging place. Our children use it as a dumping spot and don't put much on the shelves. It goes on the ground because the shelves are so full already. I do get in occasionally and sought out a few things but i really need to do it properly someday.

  9. Katie,

    Congratulations!!!! I've nominated you on my blog for 2 awards :-)

    Sandy, Oklahoma Transient


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