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Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun Finds & a Great Weekend

Fridays mail brought a few new books I ordered. I love old-time cookbooks.  The recipes are usually simple tasty, nourishing fare.  They each have a few quirks but my favorite are those recipes from one home…for example one books recipes were all written with measurements like… a handful of flour…which might be a full fist or, just enough to cover the palm.  I have large hands so it makes a difference!  Generally after using a few recipes I get the rhythm of the writer’s ways if they are heavy handed with the seasonings, if the baked goods they made were light and fluffy.

Harder to find are those with recipes for venison, squirrel & rabbit because those little cute fluffy critters find their way to my freezer.

Amid the recipes this one is full of household tips and newspaper article’s which give a glimpse into the lives of home makers of the time. It talks about the introduction of electricity to the homes and the changes it brought about.

Random 004

Since I’m pretty confident with canning and dehydrating (it goes without saying you can always lean more) I’d like to lean more about fermenting as a way of preserving the garden goodies.  Since Mr.Fix-It literally gags and chokes at the smell of sauerkraut cooking, I’m not sure how successful this will be.I’ve no idea if all fermented foods have the same smell

Random 003

Soooooo, the book may be up as a give away if that’s the case!

We had a great weekend, nice weather,Larry got the tractor fixed and the mower deck working so he got the field mowed and it looks great.  Hmm, not much better scent than that wonderful smell of fresh cut grass.  We had the kids (big and little) over for a family BBQ to celebrate Erika’s birthday.  I love the fact we are so blessed to have 4 generations gathered around to share in these celebrations.  

The beautiful weekend weather carried over to this morning.  I got a few hours of weeding & tidying in the garden before the humidity shot up.  This afternoon my plans are to catch up with some laundry, a bit of knitting and sewing.

What are your plans for the day?

Have a wonderful Monday


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  1. That Old Time Farmhouse Cooking book looks really interesting.
    Not so much with the fermenting one. Ugh. I'm sorry-I'm with your hubby on that one-LOL!

  2. I too love the looks of the Old Time Farmhouse Cooking book....although the Fermenting one looks good too!


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