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Friday, July 6, 2012

We have neighbors

Who live behind us. 

We never hear them and only see them when they use our shared driveway.   I take that back, they walk a dog 2 times in the evening.  Our property & theirs were family owned and the property split when we purchased the house from the son.  The second smaller house was home to the 90 yr old father who passed away about 10 yrs ago….. and then the grand daughter moved in.  Still with me?  Were on the 3rd generation neighbor living behind us….

Anyway,  It’s like we don’t have neighbors….we actually forget they are there. They don’t come outside…..at all.  They don’t care about outside. And we can tell.  If I’m in the side yard…in the pool area or back behind the garage this is the view

Lori's 001

Notice the shrubs?

Here’s a better view

Lori's 003

Yes, there are windows back there and a porch! 

I couldn’t take it any more and the other night waited for her in the drive way.

The conversation was pretty one sided and went something like this “*L*” I’m going to trim your shrubs for you.  Would you prefer them just trimmed and shaped or, would you like to use your windows?”  Yes, she would like to use her windows.

I was nice & smiling as I spoke to her but I think she understood It was gonna happen. Actually,  I think I kinda scared her.

  I did explain it really was not the greatest time of the year for pruning & taking them that far back to widow ledge may kill the bushes, they would for a few months be ugly brown sticks that would fill in etc….her response was a meek “ that’s fine”.

Yesterday I started on the first Holly kinda tree/bush and it’s partially done in the photo.  Today off and on I worked on the bush by the door. It was so darn hot but I was afraid if I didn’t get one done she might change her mind. I’d work on it for about 30 minutes at a time and then go stand in front of the fan.  

That sucker was at least 8 ft wide and ate half the porch.  Now, it’s 4 ft wide and ugly brown sticks…. minus a hornets nest.

Did you know if you run out of hornet and wasp spray…a spray can of starter fluid works just as well?  I know, not the greatest thing to do but they didn’t take well to the evection notice & Hey, it was them or me.

Those bushes were comin down

I get to finish tomorrow


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  1. Now that is just too funny! Poor girl probably pictured you like Jason with a chainsaw and a mask! LOL

    She might like seeing the outdoors so much through the windows that she will be outside all the time now.

  2. Hi Katie, Nice to catch up with you again. You might just have started a new friendship, hope you give us a pic of the finished pruning job:))


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