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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Butchering the Bush

Remember this post about my neighbors bushes?

Lori's 003

Well, the trimming has begun.  2 were pruned last week, they still need a bit more work but I had to take a break it was so darn hot.

Feeling Fall 008

I need to thin it out a bit and shape the bottom more but, it’s a giant leap from what it was.

We’ve more rain (THANK GOD!) in the forecast for the next few days so it may be Wednesday afternoon or Thursday before I can get to the next one.

Little bits at a time


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  1. Did the neighbours hide away whilst you was brandishing yer secateurs??? lmao!! Nice job! :D

  2. They look great! I was thinking how it was going with these bushes the other day....does she like them?

  3. Sue, they never showed outside till later that evening. 8-D

  4. Debbie, I think she liked them...I have one more to go but it's been so darn hot!


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