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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Time to move the babies

They are wanting to have babies of their own (but I said no) you need to be a bit older, grow a bit more and become firmly established in your new home first.  Plants or kids, some things never change.  They grow up so fast.003

so I know its past time.  I’ve been hoping for cooler temps before I transplanted but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  They need time to establish in the new bed before winter comes


Those I transplanted to single pots are doing really well, & the tiny starts are just getting there.  I may transplant from those tiny containers to the single pots for a while, as I’m not sure they would survive the heat out in the main bed.

The main bed we are picking blooms to let the shoots develop.

As soon as the starts get about 4 inches I’m moving them around in the bed & so far all but 1 has taken the move well. 

Garden & WIPs 005

More shoots will need to be moved around once a bit larger

Last year when we put this bed in we planted 25-30 plants, and were left with less than 10 this spring.  Those that survived were great producers.

 Garden & WIPs 006

Looks like most of the mulch washed away in last weeks rain & needs replaced.

In a way I’m kinda glad the others did not survive because I’ve learned a lot re-establishing the bed this summer.  It’s simple strawberries I know but,  there’s a stronger sense of ownership/pride (whatever you want to call it) tending to the babies and watching them grow knowing what juicy goodness they will provide next spring.

I hope we never loose that feeling and sense of wonder. 

Just remind me I said that when I’m moaning next summer about the heat and needing to pick berries ok?


  1. Yummm strawberry jam, strawberry and cream ....

  2. Rina, we will miss the jam this winter. I doubt I got a gallon this year. Hoping for a bumper crop next spring

  3. It's been a cruddy year here for berries...but we always gotta tell ourselves -"Next year!!!"

  4. Sue, that's exactly what I'm hoping. From your lips to God's ears!

  5. Your babies look amazing and so healthy! I am sure they will grow up big and strong and supply you with a huge crop next year!

  6. It's been a bad year for alot of fruit, berries and vegetables. Praying for a better fall planting and harvest!!!


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