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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tip Gardening on the cheap

Tying up tomato’s

By now you know I try and repurpose everything.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m cheap & just hate spending money on things that will be tossed out like paper towels (don’t get me started)

When we first started gardening & tying up my maters I used the “tomato” tape similar to florists tape sold in garden shops, It snapped under the weight of the fruit.  So next I used string and then twine (unsuccessfully)…both of which cut into the stems as they grew and developed fruit.  I finally settled and have been success full with 1-2 inch strips of old t shirts.

July Garden (2)

I think every home has a few “oh, your not going out in public in that are you” t-shirts.  You know what I mean, they have built in air conditioning in inappropriate locations or would fit your child better than the hubster. 

I cut the shirt fabric in strips long as possible and cut off after I have the plant tied.  1 shirt will generally tie 20-25 plants.  There is enough stretch to allow for stem growth, wide enough for support fruit weight and by the end of the season they till right in the garden.

Martha Stewart would tell you to use a shirt that would color coordinate to be visually pleasing…but we all know…. I’m not Martha

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  1. I use the same t-shirts...and yes, I am not Martha either! LOL Great tip!

  2. Great info here... I always use second-hand gardening equipment (like tools and pots)

  3. I use fabric strips cut from old clothing but the t-shirt material is even better. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  4. Great idea!!!!! I use old panty hose (cleaned) that my mom gives me.


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