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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canning Out Doors

Over the weekend we blanched, cut off the cob and froze over a bushel of corn.

We’d had it in the cool basement while I procrastinated processing it.  With the temps over 100 I just couldn’t bring myself to fire up the canner in the house. The AC has been working overtime and I’m emptying the dehumidifier 1-2 times a day.  Over a gallon of water each time.  The last thing I want to do is create more humidity or heat inside!

  We’d been discussing a way to set up an outside canning center & I was worried our old Coleman camp stove could hold up under the canning kettle weight.   So, Mr. Fix-It came up with this from the back of his (Mary Poppins) truck.  It seems he’d done a job for a customer & for some reason felt led not to charge him.  After refusing payment a few times the gentleman finally left and then came back and gave him this burner.  (the bottle and kettle are ours) I has a huge wok bowl we’ve already used and I love it!  

He set this up and while the water was heating we shucked the corn and had it ready to go.  Once the corn was shucked it only took an hour to process the entire bushel. 

Feeling Fall 002

We set at the tables with large cutting boards and went to work cutting and bagging. 

Freezing corn

For some reason this photo is locked and won’t let me turn it.

 Some of the finished corn cooling before being laid flat in the freezer.   He’s helped me in past years switch jars in the canner or wipe the jars rims before setting lids but, generally I’ve tried to be done or nearly done when he gets home.  This was the first time we’d worked together start to finish. It was nice and so much quicker working together. And even better…the compost pile is about 50 feet away!  Really makes me wish I knew someone local to can with.

So, since this process worked out so well we’re trying to figure a way to create a canning set up out side now.  We have the camp stove I can cook on and the canner will fit on the burner above.  I think if I set a board on the ground in front of the stone wall (for the jars as a smooth surface)

Stuff 001 it (the wall) will block breezes and allow finished jars to cool properly. 

Think it will work or am I looking at cracked jars?


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  1. Katie,

    Great idea for processing your jars outside however, I wouldn't leave the jars outside to cool and lids pop for sealing just because of the critters. Some critters like to be warm and you may find them laying next to your jars or trying to get to your food.

    I would process outside, place on a covered tray with towel and bring inside.

    Just something to think about.

  2. Katie, I use the same processing technique outside! It works great doesn't it?

    I agree with Sandy...bring the jars inside. :o)

  3. Yep, that's what I was thinking, too. I'd bring the jars inside to the kitchen counter to sit and seal overnight. It might bring a bit of heat inside but doing the actual canning outside is a stroke of genius!

  4. Thanks ladies! I wouldn't leave them out overnight, just for the afternoon for most of the heat to let off them. I love seeing the filled jars lined up on my kitchen table to much to leave them out LOL!

  5. Well done with the corn, did you grow them yourself or buy them to process. That burner did the job, handy for outside.


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