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Monday, July 9, 2012

Took a lazy day

Yesterday was such a sleepy lazy day.  We’d spent the evening before at a family (belated) 4th of July celebration.  We’re a bunch of pyro’s at heart I have to admit.  Tents, fans and misting hoses kept us from being to hot in the 97% humidity and 104 heat…until the power went out about 7 pm.  First brown out I’ve known in the 20 years we’ve lived here.  It was back on by a bit after 11pm but we were home by then.

Yesterday (Sunday) I couldn’t focus on a thing.  I think it was a cumulative of to many

days of outdoor activity in the heat.   Good news is the temps have cooled, thank God!

Today was planned as a day for weeding,  I know with last nights rain the weeds in the garden will have grown a foot & I have a good size load of rabbit poo waiting to be mulched in the garden. But, I think this heat has really zapped me cause I never left the house.  I puttered around the house & had energy for changing bedding, a bit of laundry and meals but that was it.

Tomorrow, is a day to tackle a bit of weeding…I think I need to double up on my vitamins for a few days to get them all.  So how about my blogger family out there, anyone visited by the rain clouds?  I will admit I did a little 2-step in the rain

Aaaaand This photo is for Mama Pea

These used be pretty good sized nice, thick and full. I kept finding all these little black dots on the counter & window ledge..couldn’t figure it out till I really looked at the plants and found………

Army creepy crawlies 002

An Army worm on each plant!! I could see them chewing away and a blade fell off as I was watching Can you say gross! On a house plant!!! Now I really need to go check the others.  Who’da thunk…house plants   EWwwwww!

kinda creeped out now



  1. We all need lazy days once in a while...especially when we have spent too much time in high heat!

    That is really gross about the army worms on house plants!!!!! Unreal!

  2. Katie,
    I'm game for a lazy day, especially if it's hot outside.
    The heat can really take it out of you. Glad to hear you had some rain. We actually had 2 minutes of a nice little shower last night.
    Army worms would have grossed me out too.
    Have a great day!

  3. Army worms on your HOUSEPLANTS!!?? Oh my gosh, double EWwwwww! Now you've got me creeped out. I never, ever thought they'd be on plants inside! How the heck do you suppose they got in? On your gardening clothing? Through the back door without knocking? Oh my. Now my eyes will be bugging out of my head watching for them INSIDE! Geesh!


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