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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A few inches of rain

And cooler temps sure make a difference in the garden! The melons are taking off.  This photo was taken on the 18th and has grown half again its size here…with about 10 more growing between the 2 plantsGarden & WIPs 001

Isaiah’s excited as all get out, his green beans are coming up great.  This is 5 days after planting…nearly instant gratification!  All 3 rows are taking off with only a few bare spots but, I suspect it had a little bit to do with seed placement!

Garden & WIPs 002Garden & WIPs 003Garden & WIPs 004

The pumpkin are all doing great, plenty of blooms but no fruit has set yet.  I’m hoping the cooler temps will help with that.  I’m out of pumpkin in the pantry and need to stock up

Garden & WIPs 008

The sad state of my blueberry bushes is so frustrating!  We’re keeping the soil ph correct but I think I’m going to move them away from the blackberries

Garden & WIPs 007

We are looking to move them off by themselves in a semi raised bed back to the left of the tomato garden.  Right now I’m ignoring them because babying them hasn’t helped. The grass needs cleared out and pine needles need to be mulched in.  I think I’m going to just wait to do that till we move them in a few weeks.  It may not be the best time to move them but, at this rate they will be dead by spring and this way they may have a chance to revive if not be replaced….I just hate to give up on them GAH!

Harvesting some chives for the freezer.  I never know if I’m doing “it” right but nothing says (that I’ve read) when and how much to trim off the plant.  So, generally once a week I take half the growth.  The plants had reached a  size and quit growing.  Once I trimmed it spurted up 3-4 more inches.  So we’ve been playing give and take, it gives me a few inches and I take it!  I’ve nearly a LB tucked away in the freezer.  Not bad for a potted plant!


OK and some opinions please,,,

Last year I harvested my potato buckets to early and had 4 quarter sized spuds..now I’m not sure when to do it.


They are in  various stages of droopyness (darn spell check, droopyness is a word if I want it to be)

What do you think?  Do I dump the first bucket?

I think next year I’m going to suck it up and put potato’s in the garden.


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  1. I don't harvest potatoes until the green growth is dead....totally dead and brown. The chives look great. I harvest mine the same way you do..it works and I am afraid to change the way I do it in case I screw up! Sorry to hear about the blueberries!

  2. Hi Katie-I started freezing chives just last year and love having them all winter for cooking.
    Sorry about your blueberries--they're definately not happy. Did you check the soil PH--cuz they REALLY love acid soil...

  3. Thanks Debbie, I'll leave the potato's alone and hope for spuds.

  4. Thanks Sue, The ph on the blueberries is right at 7. I'm setting up a new area next week and will do some soil prep before moving them..I may just be better off starting over 8-/

  5. Katie,
    I wait on my potatoes tops to turn brown and start to die off before harvesting.

    As for my chives, I cut them low almost to the ground and chop them up into small pieces, place them on a cookie sheet over night in the freezer. The next morning, take the sheet out and place the cut pieces into a freezer container.

    I had to move my blueberry bush out of the direct sun (it wasn't doing well there). Now that I've moved it, it's taking off like crazy.


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