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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Clove Oil A Medicine Chest Must!


What a week! Not necessary a bad one just….nothing went like I planned.  What’s the saying “make plans and God laughs”?  Yup, that was my week.

Started Sunday brunch, I was nibbling on a cinnamon roll chatting with my Brother-in-law and had a tooth fall apart. 

Once I recovered from the instant frozen, take you to your knee’s,  cold sweat,  bowel gripping  paralyzing fear…. waiting for that agonizing pain…I realized there was none.   I was fine…chunks of tooth in my hand but “ok”.  Now, that my sound a wee bit exaggerated but, if you’ve had a exposed root you know exactly what I mean.  Yes, I have clove oil in the house for emergencies such as this but at the time it happened I don’t think I could have walked the 20 ft. to the medicine chest I was that scared.  Thankfully I didn’t need it.

If you didn’t know…in a dental emergency pure clove oil is your friend.  One tiny (and I mean tiny) drop will deaden the nerve for a few hours, sometimes days. 

Clove oil 001 

My bottle of clove oil

My father served as a Navy Corpsman with a marine infantry unit during the WWII & Korean War.  He said clove oil was like gold to while he was stationed on the Aleutian Islands.  It was the only help they could offer to soldiers with facial injuries or dental problems.  They ordered supplies of clove oil as heavily as they did morphine.  When he came home from the service, he left with a few of those tiny bottles of liquid gold.  Growing up in the money was tight and dental care was not always something we could afford.  As a teen I remember having a serious tooth injury and dad had this tiny bottle he said would help.

He dipped a tiny cotton pellet into that oil with tweezers and put 1 drop on the tooth….& near instant relief.  It was the same bottle he’d brought home more than 20 yrs before.

Clove oil 003

My bottle is now over 20 yrs old

.  When originally purchased I paid $1.73.  Probably need to add another 0 to that number now but, I would add 2 0’s to keep it in the house & emergency kit.

When my tooth shattered Sunday, clove oil was the first thing that came to my mind.

I’m not claiming to be a medical professional in any way but, I know we will never be with out it & neither should you.

By the way, I put a tiny drop on my gums at 9 this morning and I’m still numb at 3pm.

Some things age well!



  1. When I had a root canal-Number 1 rule was NO SMOKING. He didn't say why. I, dummy, smoked. It takes out the plug that sealed the hole. Oh, the pain was awful. Clove oil was what my dentist used on me. A true miracle. And yes, I gave up smoking YEARS ago..........

  2. Katie,

    Thank you for the reminder!
    We knew about this and just forgot about it. I will make sure this is added to our medical bag.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Never heard of this but I am so thankful you posted about it! I will be definitely adding this to my medicine cabinet. My hubby is a baby when it comes to teeth pain.

  4. Very interesting. And I come from a family of Dentists. I have never heard of this and must get some.

  5. Oh, does it work on pain on any other part of the body?


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