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Friday, January 9, 2009

What Was your Knitting DUH! Moment?

This morning I started another pair of Sheepy Pants. I usually knit one leg then the other. This time with the color change I decided to try knitting both legs at once.
But, my yarn kept crossing over and tangling. I got a bit frustrated and stuffed on ball inside the leg out of the way.........HELLO! Light bulb went off...tuck the balls inside the legs!! No more tangles and its going much faster.
How silly is that, a simple thing that makes such a big difference! Bet it would work for knitting 2 socks at once also.
Everyone has little tricks or tips they have picked up along the way, what are some of yours?


  1. I really really love the camping longies! Hmmm, think I could add those kind of touches to my sweats?

  2. Debby, I'm sure it would be a hit with the little-ones!


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