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Friday, January 30, 2009

Let The Thaw Begin, with STK Longies!

I had a random skein of Plymouth Galway Chunky, it was one of those, ohhhh, I love those colors! Anyway its still pretty cold outside so this was my afternoon knit, STK Capri's for the Bumpette's summer wardrobe. Stash BUSTING!! The thaw has begun! I walked out to get the mail this afternoon and enjoyed some of God's art work! Beautiful, every thing looked as if it was encased in glass

The loud clunky cracking sound was wild. Think summer outside with ice cubes in your glass. That cracking sound? It was all around me, awesome.

The shaded areas will take a bit longer to thaw. It was one of those views you wish you could hold on to forever.....but have warmth!

Hope you find joy in your day!

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