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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I forgot to show you my suprise!
There I was sitting at home feeling yucky, looking at the yucky outside, dreaming of spring, gardening & lots of other fun summer activities......Just having an all out pity party. Then I head a knock at the door, and the usual result of a knock at the door....Buddy our Golden Retriever (who thinks hes a toy poodle) starts barking like crazy, then Puga the Parrot starts yelling BUDDY!! BUDDY!! The more the dog barks, the more the parrot screams, the more the parrot screams the more the dog barks......(takes about 5 minutes to calm them down.) I opened the door to the laughing mail lady. She thinks its a hoot they play off one another like that. We have a perfectly good mail box at the end of the driveway but packages she usually brings to the house if she knows I'm home. She loves to hear them & says its the bright spot of her day. I think its her payback for all the packages I have coming and going! Shes a sweetie, I need to make her some mitts. Anyway, I opened the package, (the order was better than I had anticipated )and found in the bottom is a little bag with........................
New stitch markers! The nice long style that I LOVE!! Thank you Candi! I needed that pick-me-up today! I love the jewel tones! Using one tonight!


  1. Those are beautiful. My first thought was of them snagging my yarn though.

  2. Not at all, as I come to one I just flip it over the needle. Nice smooth edges, My photos do not do them justice!

  3. I'm so glad you liked them! I have made quite a few of these and never had a problem with snagging so far (I try to cut close). Those aren't my favorite rings, but I was out.

    I use DH tools to make it and they aren't exactly small (really they're mine since I use them more right?) lol. Eventually I'll get a small set and hopefully get better at it. :)

  4. That's a nice surprise. I wish I had a mail lady like yours. One of our UPS guys literally drops the packages and runs, because my two dogs make such a racket and he claims he had a dog eat his pad once. He's such a chicken.


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