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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Bumpette Coming Home Outfit Done, Sort of......

Baby Bumpette's Home Coming outfit is done...Sort of. I think it needs embellished. Its simple and sweet but it needs something. The button I know! I'll add that once we decide. I'm thinking of adding the design or something similar that is below. My cartoonish drawing, centered on the front & a bit on the hat? I'm open to and asking for opinions so feel free to let the ideas roll!
Another pair of Classic Booties. Have I mentioned I love this pattern?

As you can see I couldn't wait till tomorrow and can in to Walmart to buy a new charger. My cashier was one of possibly 20 employees there, working their Fanny's off! She looked so tired & very shocked when I said thank you for coming in today. At least she was smiling when I left.


  1. I have seen quite a few very pretty projects embroidered for the pattern "Blossom". Here are some of my faves...
    Glad you got a charger :) I have a book with embroidery transfers.. somewhere from when I was a teenager. I tried to teach myself that but wasn't patient enough. The floss kept getting knotted lol.

  2. love your work.

    those booties are amazing.


  3. Hy Katie, I can hardly wait to see a picture of baby bumpette in her outfit. Surely can't be long now?
    Love Mel in Australia


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