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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting the New Year Right, Bustin the Stash!

Starting out the New Year Right with a Finished Project!
So much for my plan of completing all the UFO'S!
I've got a touch of that sinus/chest creepin crud that's going around so we were party poopers and came home early last night.
I dug into my stash & cast on another pair of large Sheepy Shorties while waiting for the ball to drop and finished up this afternoon. Last spring I had purchased a hand dyed wool in the colorway "Space Journey" from "Wonderfully Made Stuff" on Etsy. Love Love Love the colorway. Perfect Space colors, black to light grey, purples, every shade of blue & touches of deep teal. Not quite heavy enough for longies & I did not have enough to double strand it....so, I picked up the deep teal and double stranded with that. Solid teal 2x2 rib waist.
The cuffs are a 3x3 double strand basket weave of "Space Journey", as is the tie.
4 sets of short rows. Super thick and thirsty & very soft for little legs.

So this evening I pulled out a skein of "The Blues" purchased from "Bare Sheep Yarn Company"
and cast on another pair. More stash busting. I want to clear some space so I can start dyeing more myself but, as big as my stash is now well.......I need to use some up.
What was I thinking when I bought all these single skeins? Some are just......So Pretty! Some times you just can't say no to a colorway!

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