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Thursday, January 15, 2009

BRRR, Nice Suprises & Completed Longies!

You know, I have no problem with the cold.......As long as we have some thing to enjoy like SNOW!

Freezing and no snow, our pond is frozen, the grass is brown, to cold to play out side. At least with snow we could enjoy the view! I know I'm whining! It's just one of those blah days.

I played in the dye pots again last night.
"New Life" Makes me think of fresh spring green grass, new baby leaves breaking thru in the garden with touches of yellow.

Radical Rocker longies are done! Size small with black seed stitch cuffs and ties.

The Sweet Mama~Small sugar Kimono is almost done, just need to complete the sleeves. Bad focus & coloring but here is a sneak peak! I can't get over how quickly its working up. I have only about 2 hours of work in it!
There will be plenty left for longies and hat

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  1. Just keep away the dran wind and add some snow instead and we'll be golden.


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