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Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Goals!

This year I did not set any "New Year Resolutions" instead, I set some goals. Whats the difference? Well for me, a lot. I look at a resolution as a a concrete unchanging plan. And, when I fail to meet them I just feel awful! A goal is a set intention that is a "frame work" of intent. Resolutions are set in concrete, Goals in sand. I think as we work toward a goal our plans, wants, needs change. We grow and learn, priority's change so a "resolution" no longer fits, while, a goal can change and fit our growth & needs. I'm big on visuals so for me its the paths we choose .....in our lives, you have a planned path you want to follow but, along the way you may find it branches out to something even better & the original course no longer fits.

So, with this in mind, I've joined a few "stash Reduction" groups in Ravelry. One of them is 52 in 52. Easy to define, 52 FINISHED Projects in 52 weeks. I've added the count in my 09 completed projects bar. I'm not looking to eliminate my stash, just get it under control.
I need to see if I can find a meter to add, anyone have an idea where I can find one?

My goal is:
1. to have/average 2 UFO's in the stash basket completed a month.....until they are done. And, since I have reached S.A.B.L.E. (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)

2. I'm going to get my stash logged into Ravelry!! I'm about 1/4 of the way thru.

3. Reorganizing my queue of planned projects to set priorities. Gifts, wants & needs.

4. Knit from the Precious Shrine of Yarns (or my version of it)

5. Knit some for ME! ( I have yet to decide these items)

6. Learn at least new 1 thing a month, stitch, trick

7. Random acts of knitting kindness (RAK), I've been so blessed to have a stash, I need to share, I don't like to say "Charity Knitting" Lets say "Love Knitting." There are plenty of single Moms & families out there that could use a extra blanket, hat or sweater.

8. Contact the local women's half way house and see if anyone would like to learn to knit. Some times when life/bad decisions knock you down, any positive accomplishment can make a difference.

9. HONESTLY list all UFO's on the blog UFO bar

10. Figure out where I can find the progress bar "thingies" for my blog

I think its all "doable", stretching a bit for me but, doable. Any help or direction in finding the progress bars would be greatly appreciated!


  1. They all sound great :)
    And knitting for you sounds like a gOOd plan :D

    S xXx

  2. Sounds like good goals. I'm with you on setting goals not resolutions because life does bring changes.
    Oh, and the fish on my blog that my husband is SO proud of...it's a sturgeon, 42". It's a little like halibut, firm fish and mild tasting. Our favorite way to have it is coated in Pride of the West and fried and then dunked in tartar sauce. My grandmunchkins got some for lunch today and loved it!

  3. I feel the same way about resolutions too and one of my goals this year is to organize my house.. I think it will take all year! lol.
    For the progress bar, do you mean the Ravelry one that shows unfinished objects? or this?
    http://www.ravelry.com/wiki/pages/StashKnitDownWidget and here is the progress bar
    I had trouble getting it to work for me but then did it somehow but now it is erased since I have a new template and I can't remember how I fixed it! HTH


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