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Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Bump & Ruffles

Baby Bump Longies! With ruffles! As they were for a newborn I just wanted a bit of a ruffle so I added a small eyelet row and then 2 rows of ruffle.
I love the way they turned out.
They look great with the t-shirts.
So small after knitting so many pair of medium & larges! Those little legs look just...well so tiny! Can't wait to use them. You will be sick of seeing photos! The Pink really pops in these. If it's a boy I'm not sure what we will do!
Power of PINK Prayer!

This is "Its a Jungle Out There", the 2nd colorway for the baby. I found the cutest pattern for a Kimono Jacket. Its by "Sweet Mama-Small Sugar" . She has some photo's of this knit up in various colors...love them all. Be sure and check out her site. You can also find her on Ravelry.
The thing that I love about it is, the cross over front is not short or low across the baby's body, and its SEAMLESS! (you know I just love seams). More of a double breasted Jacket! I can't wait to get started. I'm going to use the Sheepy time Knits pattern (of course) for the longies & this pattern for the Jacket. My plan is to use the deep Teal color for the main body. I'll use "It's a Jungle Out There" as trim on the sleeve, body & edging. Should have plenty left for a Baby Bump Hat also. This should work for a boy or a girl.
What do you think?

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  1. Love seeing your longies! And keep praying pink. When our daughter was pregnant with triplets they were able to see that there were two boys fairly early on. We prayed for a girl and the next appointment they "thought" the third was a girl. I even asked the Lord that she look like her Mommy. He answered both with a resounding yes. (We would have been fine with 3 boys too but grateful He said yes)


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