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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside & NO Baby!

BRRRR, 35 of the last 37 hours of frozen precipitation! Sleet, Ice & Snow
Even my poor tree face is crying and needs a tissue!
We had a snow dump 2 days ago, beautiful to look at in the trees. Yesterday we had an ice storm that dropped 3-6 inches of ice/sleet on top of the snow…Roads & streets of glass…. Last night it started snowing and has not stopped. 6 inches on top of the ice! If the summer windstorm was not bad enough, we have over 376,000. Homes at this point with out power. The windstorm was a mixed blessing in a way; we have power and only lost 2-3 more branches. Our nearest neighbor had a tree branch (6inch diameter) fall on her van but it was so thickly encased with ice there was no damage! Another state of emergency for Southern Indiana & Kentucky!

What idiot plugs in the battery charger in the plug behind the stove? And then proceeds to cooks supper? ME! So, no photos until Larry replaces/splices the cord or, I get out to purchase more batteries which isn’t likely to happen any time soon. So, these are the last of the juice!
There has been a bit of knitting. I’m happy to say the knitting of the Baby Bumpette homecoming outfit is done. We need to find a button to use & I think it needs a bit of embellishment to the front. The same goes for the hat. For the booties I used the Oh Baby pattern from ADHD knitting. As I wanted them sized for a newborn & the Tara is considered a bulky, I altered the pattern a bit by only casting on 28. I also knit all but the last 2 rows in stockinette for a dressier look. I’ll still need to add a tie to the booties but overall, I’m really pleased with how it came out. Most importantly so is Erika!


  1. ouch, no more pics of WIP or anything? That stinks! I wouldn't know what to do with that much snow. I haven't seen any in ages.. especially not some that has stuck! Can't you talk him into a new battery because the bumpette is coming soon?

  2. Brrrrr!!
    I remember that type of weather when I lived in Alaska. Glad to give it up.

  3. I hated those two days without power and heat, but it made for some nice knitting time. Didn't those trees and bushes look like crystals, once it got nice and the sun hit it? I couldn't stop oohing and ahhhing about it.


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