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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slacker Weekend, Free Baby Sweater Pattern

Its been one of those lazy laid back weekends. Erika & I spent the day running around in fabric stores looking for baby things. We found some really cute flannel, fleece and Minky for blankets. Its been a few years since I've sewn, and was very impressed and happy to see how the baby patterns improved! Now just to break out the sewing machines and serger and see if they still work!

On the knitting front, I've been slacking. Hopping from one project to the next with nothing completed. You know how you have those days where your mind just jumps from one thing to the next? I guess its a form of knitting A.D.D.!
Candi from Candi's Corner sent me a U Tube link, to teach me knitting the legs on 2 needles. I figured it out but, it will take some getting used to. At least I won't have to count the rows for each leg to ensure they are even!
And I cast on some Longies using some of my Cascade 220 stash. They will be cute but just wasn't quite what I was looking for so.....

I cast on a sweater for Baby Bump. With all the woolies I have been making, Erika asked for a machine washable sweater. I found a free pattern (I'm all about free) called "Simple Sweater" on The Complete Fabrication Blog. A sweet little sweater that will be great for a boy or girl. Since she wanted washable, I dug in my stash and decided to try out the new Vanna's choice. I've heard so many good things about it, & have a few skeins I'd picked up a few months ago.
This one is Seaspray Mist a fresh soft green. I just hope it turns out as good as its touted to be!
I just love stash knitting!


  1. If I knit up all my stash yarn, I'll be busy for a while :) I usually only like to have one or two or maybe three projects on the needles, but sometimes you just can't help but cast on something new.

  2. I love that cranberry colour for the Cascade longies. Are you planning on doing them all the same colour or adding stripes or embelleshments of some kind?

  3. You know Evelyn, Im Not sure. I want it to be unisex so I'll have to see. I think thats why I stopped! I'm open to suggestions!

  4. hmm I see it as more of a feminine colourway so maybe crocheted flowers or hearts (valentines day theme?).

    Possibly some sort of cabling down the side? That would be more unisex and as they're small/med size they're not going to get ruined by a toddler running around.

  5. I have been looking at Vanna's choice for a while. Have not purchased any as of yet. Maybe this week. Let us know how it rates for you.
    I am stalled on a pair of socks. Am not too fond of the yarn. I bought it to give it a try and now must finish. Maybe I will like them once they are done. I am doing the foot on the first sock, which has taken me all of this month to do. Usually a two or three afternoon project. UUUGH


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