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Saturday, January 3, 2009

How Fast can you Move?

With all the Holiday activities I may have neglected to tell you Erika, Chris & Isaiah have moved back in with us. They were all set up in an apartment getting settled in and started noticing a few major problems with the apartment. Like the funky black chunky stuff that started blowing out of the ceiling air vents, the mold that kept growing up an interior closet wall, & a few other major things. A toilet that leaked, rocked and did not want to flush, open kitchen floor vents covered with floor vinyl. Erika found that out when she almost went thru the floor. The biggest issue was the bathtub, scrub and bleach it clean and with in 4 hours you have mold growing! She was finished giving the dog a bath, balanced against the tub edge and back wall and……………went thru the wall!! The complex manager was highly irritated at being bothered with all these little issues They said the floors, tub & toilet could be fixed …………..in a week to 10 days. The black funk and mold they would have to deal with. Chris made a few calls to the Corporate office, explained the situation, how they had been dealt with thus far and, were released from the lease. GREAT right? They had 4 days to move, no new apartment. Both had work schedules they could not change. Thanksgiving Sunday we had 5 hours to pack, sort for storage & the house. Danielle & I were there 2 hours ahead to pack, by the time Chris & Erika got home we were ready to load the truck. Katie our bonus daughter and her family jumped right in to help. I lost my yarn & fiber room but, I’ve got them home for a while. I think it worked out well for us all as they think Erika has a cracked pubic bone. And you just know its tough having Isaiah around!


  1. Enjoy Isaiah. I know it will be a real pain! Glad you were there for them though! I'd give up my yarn room for kiddos or grandkiddos any day!

  2. Wow, I can't believe they thought it was just minor issues.
    Good thing they able to stay with you.

  3. Wow, I can't believe stuff like this. I'm sorry you lost your yarn room, but it's great that you can help out the kids like this. I also hope they find a new home soon.


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