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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Mojo is back! Longies & Color Play

I've been slacking in my knitting, gotten way
behind. Just could not get in the mood. To motivate myself I started getting organized, (well, kind of) rewriting the plan for dyeing & projects. I started getting itchy fingers and "startitus," here is the result of one evening left alone....with out supervision. LOL

My Etsy Shop is looking a bit empty so
I'm working on re-stocking Longies.

The current WIP is, "Radical Rocker" Longies. Size small, not very much of it so these may have Rocker boots!
Shades of Red to Black,... think Harley and Black lace up boots!

Started the Sweet Mama-Small Sugar Seamless Kimono last night. I Love, Love, LOVE this pattern. I've made quite a few kimono jackets but, the shaping of this one is a bit different. The jacket tapers & crosses the chest, sets higher to eliminate the sag and gaps many have. I'm not sure if I like the colors, well I like the colors but I'm not sure if they work that well together. Since I'm allergic to frogging, we'll see what it looks like when I'm done.

Played in the dye pots last night & I can't wait to knit these up. This first one I call "Tropical Goldfish." A blend of Navy, Turquoise, Orange & White. Having trouble creating a photo with the true colors but, you get the idea.

The second is "Gimmie Grape" a mix of Lavender to deep Purple with a touch of wine.

Oh, and be sure and stop by Candi's Corner and check out her "Veggie Garden" longies. They are awesome! And Moms, many of you will have a " been there done that" moment with her post today!


  1. you are SO TALENTED!!!

    :) i love love love love my neckwarmer!

  2. I like those colors (the fish one) and looking at some projects from that pattern it is quite cute! I have a kimono on my needles but in acrylic and I hate the stuff now lol so it's been hard to complete it.

  3. Oh I didn't see the part about me at the bottom LOL thanks!

  4. Thank You Anne, your canvas creations are wonderful! I would like you to create one for baby bump once she (remember power of PINK prayer)is born. Email me about those wristers!

    Candi, The next few of the kimono will be of acrylic, more every day user friendly Love those veggie longies! :D

  5. The colours work really well together :)

    Your dyeing is fab too.......I am so gonna be out of a job soon ;)

    Big Hugs :)

    S xXx


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