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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dwarf Diva?

I had a visitor today.  Who gave me this look..Please I need a new hat!  I wanna be a

Hi Ho Dwarf Diva

Evie hat 052

So I put the longies aside and dove into the stash…

Evie hat 012Yes that’s paper in her mouth hand…She was holding still.  It was that or ….

Evie hat 017

Slow down, I can’t keep up!  What’s more important, me walking or a picture!

Evie hat 006

Let me help….Its this Button!

Evie hat 027

*Sigh*  OK, take the picture

Evie hat 056

Hers came out a bit pointy but, I was just a bit distracted.Evie hat 057 Another Custom Order in the mail

Lavender, Pink, Royal Blue & Red, I’m hoping  the recipients send photos of these in use.


  1. You seriously did that in one day? You are FAST! I am so slow, is that possible, to just have faster, more coordinated hands?

  2. What cute hats!!! I love how it is pointy. Just adorable. :)

  3. Way to cute. I have been thinking I need to crawl into my stash and get some mittens and hats cranked out.
    It is amazing how big Evie has gotten already!!

  4. So cute and the baby too!!! :)


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