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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Peace Be With You


This morning, my peace comes from morning coffee on my mothers patio at 6 am, watching the sunrise while the house is sleeping.  One thing I love about visiting is the 3 hour time change.   (keep in mind 11 pm saw my head on the pillow snoring sleeping..just a few hours from being up 24 hours)

Moms is a master gardener, taught by the Master.  No formal gardening schoolroom, just life and love to nurture, grow all things green and beautiful.  Where ever we lived she always created beautiful gardens and this home is no different. 

Moms 002

There’s been many changes in my sisters & Moms lives, attitudes & expectations.

Moms 014

  But in this patio & garden, I find a connection and peace.  Is good to know some things in this ever changing  thing of “family” will always remain the same.

In Moms garden I will always find peace, & make me feel I’ve come “home”.

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  1. I am several hours late, but I am sitting and having a cup with you. How nice this little trip you have taken! I LOVE the patio, it does say, come in and sit a spell! Have a wonderful time with your mommy!

  2. What a lovely garden! Your Mother really is a master gardener. Have fun with her. Aren't Moms great? :)

  3. i can feel your peace and happiness, enjoy x


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