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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A View From My Window

 The Bathroom window that is..Washing the window and noticed how much the colors are just popping! It started raining so I grabbed my camera, I was afraid to many leaves would fall to have a good photo

Fall & Longies 002 There has been a bit of knitting, I finished these today, posted them to Etsy and they sold in 4 hours! Yeah!ongies 008I finished these the night before, they have not been blocked so the look a tad wonky…yes, wonky is a wordlongies 002  

Still working on the laundry room, the shelves are in place YEAH!! which means my counters are cleared as I was able to move the canned goods downstairs, which is what started this entire cleanout process.

Another load ready for good will…..we’re on a first name basis now……they just hand me a signed blank donation form now.    Finding some really weird stuff under the stair’s like….the moving pads we had to buy from U-Haul 20 yrs ago!  Really. Sad I know.  Progress, I keep having to tell myself….it didn’t accumulate over night….But REALLY!


  1. 20 years ago? Snort. :o)

    I use wonky all the time!

    Itty Bitty's head is 18 1/2 inches. Finally got her measured!

  2. Oh the colors! I'm a wee bit envious! :)

    And Wonky is a word I use with great frequency! :)

    I love your longies you knit. I cannot wait to get some for our new little one!

  3. Funny, I use the term wonky daily! Love the new longies! I am still patiently waiting for grandchildren. =D

    You must be making real progress if Goodwill has an automatic reciept for you! :)

  4. Mother, I'll get started this weekend, any favorite color?

    Mama Just let me know!

    Debbie, Good will guy & I have a set routine now, I fill in my own form!

  5. Do you have something in a dusky pink? She has brown hair amd brown eyes. :o)

  6. An elfin topper, please?



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