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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Plans Changed!

So this morning, we’re up at O GOD THIRTY 4:45….in the morning.  4:45 AM is right there on the list with size 0 & 2. Its not real, No one really wears a size 2 & the numbers on the clock after 2 am are on the clock face,  but don't really exist. 

It’s still dark out.

But I’m up.

I sucked down a few cups of coffee I don’t remember making, actually I think Mr Fix~It did.

In my non functioning status I stumbled down the hall, put my clothes on, put my face on and made it to the truck.  I’d packed the evening before as I wanted more than one left shoe in my bag.  I’m not a morning person, I just don’t function.  My brain doesn't kick in until I’m up for about 2 hours.

But, since I only have the 15th – 20th, an early morning flight was the best use of the limited time I have with my Mom & sisters.  Curbside drop off (still dark out), he had to go open the store & I had time to check in and get thru security.  Easy right?   Well, I got in the check in line with 3 ahead of me, I must have dozed standing there as I realized 20 minutes have gone by & I haven’t moved….no one had.  But people were yelling and hollering, a bit more than early morning  O God thirty system shock calls for.

The flight was cancelled. 

“Technical Issues”…right.  Then I notice police EVERYWHERE in the check in area, not just security but police & dogs.  Technical issues my fanny!   3 other flights leaving before 10am were cancelled.

My original flight was Louisville to to Dallas to Sacramento…..They could re route my flight………….Leaving at 2:40 in the afternoon!  Louisville, to Cincinnati, to Atlanta to Chicago…to connect to Houston THEN to Dallas and off to Sacramento. Anything from Chicago on unconfirmed seating, translated to mean….no way in Gods green earth will you get a seat on the Houston flight.  There is no way I want to spend the night in the arm pit of airports …Chicago,  With no guarantee of a flight out!

Mr Fix~It came back to the airport and took me home.

It was still dark out.

I’m rebooked on the same O God thirty flight……  tomorrow morning.  

I just have to wait another hour or so to call Mom & let her know. With the 3 hour time difference, I don’t think she wants woken at dark, O God thirty.



  1. My family calls that "the BUTT Crack of Dawn"

  2. That's just horrible! Getting up that early for nothing! You poor thing! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Sorrrrry. BUT there was a reason you were not on THAT flight.

  4. Hope it all works out for you tomorrow. I will probably still be up when you are leaving.
    Good flight.

  5. Thanks ladies, On the way home & when I spoke with my daughters the first we all made the same comment...there is/was a reason not to be on that flight..

  6. Oh, Katie, so sorry! Does that mean you get to stay an extra day? I am so glad you weren't in any danger! I am so glad Mr. Fix-it was able to come back. I am also so glad it was you and not me! (:

  7. oh....holy crap...was there time to get back to bed..:)


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