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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Off the Needles & WIP”S

Fresh off the needles!

Another pair of Earth Elements Longies, this has proven to be a popular color.  It’s neat to see how the trim changes colors that pop.

I should have these listed in the Etsy Shop this afternoon

customs & Longies 010 

A little shrug for Evie, that I’ve yet to tuck in  the ends.

I think I’m going to embroider flowers on the shoulders and back…not sure yet but the chocolate matches so many of the new baby colors

customs & Longies 004 Of course I couldn’t leave the pattern alone and lengthened the sleeves and back so its more of a short sweater.  Nice to use in the house as the weather changes for strollers or, cooler areas like  the floor!

It also lets us get more use of those short sleeved tops.

customs & Longies 006 

And the small custom for the waiting to be born little bitty guy, the legs are coming out in a spiral pattern.

customs & Longies 003

Remember those days? The last week seemed like the entire 9  months!  Send prayers up for a smooth & swift delivery for Mama!

So, Whatcha workin on?


  1. I love the shrug Katie and those longies are just gorgeous too.

    I will probably get Amelia's bather top done today. I need to get some more cotton for the boys bathers. No matching cotton for them at the moment.

    Then I will start the curtains.

  2. Love the shrug and the longies. Your work is so beautiful. Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Dish cloths are a handy item for anyone and yes it is hard to keep up my supply too.
    Love the shrug and longies and will spend some time here having a look around.
    Take care

  4. I love your crafty ideas and your knitting I am very envious of . I am a beginner knitter

  5. stunning longies. patient one! you must be, i figure, because you are a knitter...

  6. Gorgeous! Love Evie's shrug! :o)

    I know what I SHOULD be working on... Those paper baskets. Yes, there's only 2. They are BIG baskets. Hehehe.

  7. workin on too many things here...those longies are fab....easy?
    let me know...although i was thinking about refashioning a gorgeous old jumper into a pair...what do you think? :)


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