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Friday, October 9, 2009

Rain…It’s a 4 Letter Word

Its a cold overcast and damp day!  We’ve had 4 inches of rain in less than 12 hours!  Where’s  the Ark!  Yesterdays 20 minute trip home from Louisville took over an hour.  Flooding, people driving regular speed being stupid causing accidents.  Hello, Its raining SLOW DOWN!  At one point it was like a fire hose unloading on my windshield.  Even semi’s were pulling off the road.

I’m home today with a Venison Stew bubbling in the crock pot,  trying to stop the laundry from breeding.  I’m staying warm & dry, knitting and giving thanks for my home. As I watch the pond overflow.

The Knitting…. The Etsy Shop has been about cleaned out of Longies.  I thought I was well stocked and it would be easy to maintain through winter…NOT!  But I’m not complaining, just knitting more!

Here are a few pair in the works,

A size large Brown marle just waiting a drawstring  to be made,

long 001

A Meduim Girls in my colorway “Hope”…finishing the legs

long 002

And “Earth Elements” in Small

long 003

2 hats need photos and 2 scarves still waiting buttons..better get off here and get busy!

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. The longies are beautiful! I love the colors. The weekend will be spend entertaining my Mom ( I love her to death but she treats me like a 15 year old) ah well, what can you do...she is my Mom. :D

  2. Finishing a couple of knit projects and going for a hike on Saturday. Woul really rather stay home and let everyone else go, but that is not being a good sport so I will trudge along too.

  3. How cute your item are. I'll have to visit your Etsy shop soon!! :)

  4. LOVE all the colors! :o)

    Barnes & Noble here I come!


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