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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Where has the week gone?

With the time changes I’m having a heck of a time adjusting my internal clock.  Well, its always run on its own time so that’s nothing new!

I had a wonderful visit with my family.  I needed to go, its been years. Bitter sweet in a way as its like when you see your own children grow and are surprised when you see changes in others..even though we know logically they will change its always a shock to see.  It was difficult to see those changes in my Mom.  The tremors in her hands, the unsure steps & short term memory that comes, and then is off to visit elsewhere.  The strength that is gone from the once very active & the health that is fading  I’m thanking God everyday that my sisters are there to watch over her.  One next door & the other now in the house with Mom.

And even though I was excited to see my mom & sisters, my brother came!

moms 042

This was the first time in 17 years we’d all be together. In age order Bobbi (Roberta, named for my father) 10 yrs older, Michael 9 years older, Carol 4 yrs older & me the “brat”

I’m so proud of them all.  They have each faced a Lot of challenges these past few years.  Bobbi is a breast cancer survivor who lost a breast & had major back surgery & husband (inspirit) within 2 days.  As far as the husband goes, he was a jerk anyway who couldn’t deal & didn’t deserve her

moms 046

Michael is a Vietnam Vet that adjusted to the world in his own way for many years.  I think at times we have all made life choices that possibly were not the best but,  it’s part of what makes us who we are. He’s come out the other side a wonderful man that has little judgment of others.

We almost lost him to cancer a few years ago & is recovered in many ways.  Healthy & happy with a wonderful wife Linda & 4 children (3 girls & 1 Boy) (& 15 grands I think) who have stood by him through the process. 

With the age differences we were almost like 2 families, Bobbi & Mike were gone to the service or collage & life in general when I was growing up. 

moms 047

Carol, my little big sister is a teacher. This past month she relocated from Denver to Calif. Mom of 2 beautiful boys young men. She’s had a struggle raising 2 boys on her own due to a selfish ex-husband, who never knew the gift of Carol he lost & cared more about his own needs than his family, losing her job (cut backs) but come out standing on her own, surviving with the most giving spirit of us all.

I’m so thankful for the parents that raised us.  The door was always open, no matter where we’d been or what we’d done we were always welcomed home with love & hugs. I don’t think I really appreciated the unconditional love they shared until this visit. 

I’m proud to call each and everyone family.

We had to get one traditional family photo

moms 049 OK, our traditional family photo

I was also able to meet my brothers son Robbie & his wonderful wife Kelly. 

moms 052 Such sweet little munchkins they have!

I’m going back next year come Hell or high water, as none of us are in our 20’s anymore, & I’m tired of the family coulda, shoulda, woulda’s…and learning tomorrow is not always an option.

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  1. Thank you so much for the pictures(yes I am trying my damnest not to cry as I am at work). Your house was always open to everyone of us. My parents have turned 80 this year & are getting fragil. That is really hard to see my dad shaking. Sounds like you had a nice visit.

  2. GREAT photos! So happy you got to spend some quality catch up time. That's what I've been doing too. ;o)

  3. Was that the gift of a lifetime? So glad everyone made the trek, you never know when the chance may happen again! Wonderful pictures! Happy Memories!


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