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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Using Your Resources, Would You?

I’ve been trying to catch up keep up on my blog roll.  I have about 40 I try to keep up with and have recently added a few more.  Although I don’t have a chance to read them all or leave comments all the time I enjoy reading of others lifestyles and life lessons.  

I’ve learned a LOT about, gardening, sustainable living, time & money savers.   The way resources are used compared to the US  is huge! Looking at what is considered necessities in other countries opposed to the US has really been eye opening

The 2 that have the most common thread are:

Water tanks for home and yard use.  Rain water collected in huge tanks, on roofs & others placed under the eves catching the run off  for garden use.  For some its the only water. Others choose to do this simply to save the water bill & make good use of ready resources.

The majority of homes do not own clothes dryers.  They line or rack dry.  In the US the majority of subdivisions prohibit a clothes line!  An electric clothes dryer accounts for approximately 25% of the US. electric bill.

I’m sure living expenses (electricity, groceries & gas or fuel) being much higher have a large input to these life choices.

But, I have to ask would you willingly give up your dryer to save the electric bill?  Would you even consider it?


  1. I line dry our clothes the entire summer, but not in the winter. I would not give up my dryer, but I do try to use it less when I don't have to. :)

  2. Nope.
    Too many denimy things...too many accidents...and we've had constant rain since September.

    And if I didn't have a dryer I might actually have to iron something...


  3. I live in one of those subdivisions that will not allow clothes lines. I do however, much to my husbands chagrin hang clothes on hangers on my tree branches to dry. I love the smell of clothes dried out in the air.
    Sadly, even if we lived on five acres in nowheresville, my husband would still balk at me hanging clothes outside. Bad childhood memories I think.

  4. I've hung as much as I could but it also means daily laundry not just once or twice a week. In the US clothes lines have taken the tag of being poor, Unable to afford a dryer starting in the late 60's-70's I think! Such a shame. although I am seeing more of a trend to more resourseful/frugal/natural ways

  5. I'm in the UK but due to our dryer breaking I've been hanging clothes to dry outside for the past 3 months. I have 3 young children, two in cloth nappies/diapers and the eldest is having problems adjusting to pre-school and is wetting a lot.

    I would give up my tumble dryer to reduce my electricity bill. It is a pain having to make sure my washing is already to go out first thing in the morning (that's the only time our garden gets sunshine due to living in the centre of town surrounded by buildings) and I have to plan things a bit more but it's pretty easy once you get into it.

    I've only ever seen a tumble dryer as a luxury. I am perfectly capable of living without one, it just allows me to be a bit lazier :-)

  6. I have been giving my daughter advice on money and earth saving techniques in relation to home and raising a family in Texas. They too live in an area where there are no clothes lines. It was such a shock to me to not be able to hang your clothes in the sun to dry..and there is plenty of sun in Texas :) Also the sun rids of bacteria...With three babies her electricity bill was huge until we cleaned out the garage (double) and hung a few lines. They still have plenty for one car and now plenty of drying space. We own a dryer...but for emergencies only..it hardly gets used. We also have water tanks..but from necessity as we have no town water. We also have a bore which provides us with spring water from the ground. We live in the mountains and the ground water is beautiful. We do tend to enjoy this as there is plenty.
    I wish i had seen your message just a couple of hours earlier. As there were not many 'takers' i decided to swap with both and had returned from the post when i read your note. Actually there were no other people from the states, only England. I'm so sorry...i would offer to swap with you too but i really have my plate full now. I hope you understand. Perhaps after Christmas we could do another. Happy day :)

  7. I line dry outside all spring, summer and fall. In the winter, I do hang quite a bit inside....it does take more time and effort to do this but so worth it. :)

  8. I like my dryer. :o)

    Could I live without it? Probably, but I don't want to think about it. LOL

  9. When I recently bought my first home I chose to do without a washer or dryer. In winter it's a bit inconvenient to dry indoors, but it's not as big a deal as I would have thought such a big change would be.


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