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Friday, October 30, 2009

Know what I did today?

A whole bunch of nothin!   I took a few photos

Longies I finished yesterday

Longies & leaves 002  These I finished this morning

Longies & leaves 019Oh, and the custom are done

longies 002 

and other than making my bed and sorting some laundry I was a slug! 

Erika & the kids stopped in for a bit, we raked leaves for a while, and then Isaiah went “missing”

Can you see him?

Longies & leaves 036Until the leaves started giggling!

Longies & leaves 037

Mis Evie had been happily watching us from the swing but wanted to join her big brother

Longies & leaves 042So we tossed her in the pile… not really! 

She wasn’t to sure

Longies & leaves 049 what to think of all the leaves

Longies & leaves 043Until her big brother popped up in the pile

  Mr Fix~It’s hunting for the weekend and I’m taking a day off. Bagels n cream cheese for supper!

And I might wash the dish!

Have a great weekend!

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    enjoy your weekend off! Love the baby in the leaves! Brother has no problem in them, but she looks like she is afraid! Our leaves are so wet! And the wind blew them down the hill, so I don't have to go out and rake anymore!

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  3. Wonderful pictures of the kids in the leaves. Enjoy your time off.

  4. I cannot believe how fast you knit girl! WoW! Enjoy your time off...doing nothing is very theraputic. The kids are adorable in the leaves. Happy Halloween!


  5. It stayed in the sink till this morning!


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