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Monday, November 2, 2009

Serious Yarn Lust

I’m working on a pair of custom longies & experiencing some serious yarn LUST!  The colors,  the feel…oh, the feel.   Just so soft an yummy!  The yarn they sent is by Punta Yarns, Merisoft hand painted 100% Merino single ply.  I’m in love.  The customer also sent a beautiful deep Wine to coordinate.

custom 003 No pooling of color, just beautiful.  I almost hate to finish them

Last night I completed a pair of small longies

2 oct memory dump 222

Greens, deep Wine, Cream & Rose.Love this color combo!

Posted to the Etsy shop this afternoon.

I got a call from Erika today, Miss Evie stood up in the middle of her living room and took 7 steps before she sat on her rump. Stood right back up and took a few more.

At 9 months, I think Miss Evelyn is taking active to a whole new level!


  1. The colors of the yarn are beautiful. Sounds like Miss Evelyn is going to be keeping everyone on their toes.

  2. I'm looking around the house and seeing all the things she can now get in to...clutter control !

  3. Kids are so fast these times. My youngest started walking at 7 months :/ I didn't believe my eyes (and I realy didn't like it! That was way to fast! :/)
    But congratz Evelyn! A whole new world opened for her! :D
    (and you'll better knit yourself some extra eyes now :p you'll need it!)

    The longies are beautiful! Did you knit with Bluefaced Leicester yet to make a pair? That's my favorite!

  4. Yyes, I LOVE BFL. I have a few cones here waiting to be dyed, I'm just trying to knit some of the other stash down first. I love BFL for older sizes as it wears so well

  5. Wow, I love the colors! Soon you will be running after Miss Evie! :)

  6. I left an award for you on my blog!


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