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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whats on The Needles Wednesday!

Well, Not sure what is on your needles but I can show you what's not on mine!Here are a few FO's from the past few days...
Using the Sheepy Time Knits Pattern, Medium Shorties of 100%Purewool, Colorway is Happy Rose ubersoft!
Sheepy Shorties on Merino, my "Frogs & Snails" colorway. Board short length. These I finished on the way to Rachel's Easter morning....the 2 hour drive comes in handy at times!

"Spring Greens", hand dyed using Cascade 220 Waist & Cuffs also Cascade 220
Started on the way home.....making good use of drive time!
"Simple Booties"
100% Wool, Cascade 220
Custom for Heather, one of 6?

Its been a busy & productive past few days...made easier by all the rain, and cold, did I say rain? Did I mention the pea sized hail? Mother Nature...

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