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Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to Give Yourself A Heart Attack

Myrtle is a pretty fast girl. Shes thankfully very forgiving.
I dumped an almost empty cup of coffee on her today
The baby I have my first credit card in over 20 yrs to buy, (excuse me adopt)
when the beast died
I know, I know..the cup should not have been near it. I've heard it!
I ALWAYS have my cup on the side, way away from her.
Danielle was visiting, as I stood up to get more coffee, my finger hooked in the handle an that little bit of coffee went all over the keyboard.
I yanked the plug, shut her down and grabbed a towel.
My heart nearly stopped & I almost wet my pants.
I think I said 1 or 2 well, the same word over and over.
Not a word for Sunday .......or any other day.
Think I better hurry up and send in the first payment.
Forgive me Myrtle!

1 comment:

  1. Yikes!
    Just the other day I sort of broke my ctrl key because I was eating a sandwich and a crumb fell. I tried to get it out with my nail and it sunk further of course. And then that's when I decided to lift the key some.... :( It's half on now so I can still use it but it isn't snapped down.


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