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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tidying Up

Has the Spring Cleaning Bug hit your house?
Everything all nice and tidy?
Don't forget you computer, clearing all the old files and unnecessary things. Yes, I have computers on the brain lately.
Just in case you need it here is a great tool for cleaning your screen.
Go ahead, try it out, I'll wait.
Comes in handy don't ya think?


  1. It was just too funny to pass up!

  2. Lol, well I'm glad someone else took care of cleaning my computer screen! I've been too busy cleaning other things to worry about cleaning my computer parts :)

  3. I do have a felt poodle skirt, but my fat post-prego belly doesn't fit it anymore! :0 I should whip up another one though- I think I have enough purple felt to get the job done. Although my waist is pretty big now ... It's going to take a lot of felt!


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