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Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Wedding in The Family

Our son Aaron James & new daughter Ania.

They were married this Spring....on paper.
Neither consider it a "marriage" as it has not been Blessed
The formal wedding will be this August
Ania is everything and more that we could want for our son.
I'm so excited!
We have spoken with Ania's parents a few times via Skype,
but are so looking forward to meeting in person.
I've been on line trying to find all the information I can concerning Polish etiquette.
On the off chance any one knows of a good info source PLEASE send me a link.

I wonder if Poznan Poland is ready for this crazy American family


  1. Congratulations! She is beautful. My grandmother was full Polish. Her parents immigrated via Ellis Island from Poland. My Dad keeps wanting to go to Poland to trace his family. He's gone on a tour to visit and loved it.

  2. Thank you, she is as beautiful on the inside! AJ sent us a link to a translation site so we are now able to communicate with her parents.

  3. That's so awesome :) Congrats! What a great trip that will be!

  4. Very cute couple and I know you can't wait to go over there!

  5. Oh Candi you know me well..not only to meet her parents but, when we were active duty, this was a part of the world I was not allowed to visit.No holding us back now!

  6. What a cute couple. It's always interesting to mix in new cultures into the american one. Our family is all mixed up too and see how we turned out. :)

  7. Congratulations! What a lovely daughter!

    I think it's good etiquette to eat every Polish doughnut they present to you. I do, and I now have some lovely Polish/Australian friends. ;-)


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