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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Longies and Color Play

What Happened to Fall! Brrr, we had snow flurries! That's just to much weather too early! I'm staying inside with lots of projects. I had color withdrawal for a few weeks, so I pulled out the dye pots and here are the results.

"Cutie Pie" 100% wool super wash.
This will be a baby skirt using the Sheepy Time Knits pattern (without the soaker) & a Shrug.
Super fluffy and soft.

Here is is out of the dye bath,

and re-skeined

I love Purple and Teal mixed and, "Oh Baby" has plenty of both! I dyed this with Longies in mind. 100% Merino Wool.

"Frogs & Snails", 100% Merino wool, also to be Longies.

"Puppy Dog Tails" More Longies! This base yarn was a light oatmeal, I think it really took the colors well.

"Puppy Dog Tails" Unskeined

I think I'm so cold as we did not seem to have a transitional time, no build-up to the cold. That or I'm getting old.....I prefer to think it was a quick change!

"High Meadow" Longies

A couple of completed project to show for my hibernating
"Tide Pool Longies"

Both pair should be in the Etsy Store this evening.

I've been playing with the light tent Larry gave me for my birthday. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it!

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