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Friday, April 3, 2009

Fabric + Sale = Crack

For years we have been using the slogan "Just say No!" Well, here is a example of why it doesn't work..
Just like a junkie...I have NO will power in a fabric store. Yesterday I drove past a shopping center with a fabric store, I saw the sign and.....O.K. Just keep on driving....paaaast the store ....you can do it.....remember, your re purposing fabrics...you have a lot at home...oh, well, you can get .....Just a few.....oh my gosh....it's on SALE! $2.49 a yard...Oh, MONKEYS! Erika & Chris like Monkeys!...and its all so cute....3-12 ft rows of flannel prints...(by now I'm positively drooling)..OK, so, just..... half a yard.......of a few...well, NOW you need coordinating solids for the inside..so, just a few of those.....well....... only as much as one cart can hold ......Fabric on sale...I cave.
So, I now have enough flannel to keep Evie in Diapers until shes potty trained or, 21.
Which ever comes first!
I spent most of today making diapers....so, its not all bad.


  1. I cave in a fabric/craft/yarn store as well. That looks like some very cute fabric. Very cute. What was the name of the store? Never mind, I don't want to know.
    The diapers are sew cute...I'd hold off on the potty training!

  2. How luscious! I'm loving the yellow with the lil brown monkey! :o)

  3. Do you know how many times I added that apple one, butterfly one and monkey with cupcake ones to my online cart at Joanns... *sigh* it was so hard not to order anything then.. and now it's even cheaper! lol
    Too bad there is not a singe Joann's in AL... Hancocks stinks

  4. I am a fabric junkie as well. Ahh the hard life of a fabric head (as opposed to a crack head lol)


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