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Monday, April 20, 2009

Shorties For The Small Fries!

Grrr... "Tiger Stripe" Purewool Small Shorties!
I love Purewool for new babies, so soft and luscious for tender skin.
And the "Crew Girl Remix"
Small Shorties
The remaining bits of Crew Girl Shorties striped. I picked up the light Olive shade as a coordinate. I wasn't sure at first how they would turn out but, I'm pretty pleased with these.
I should have these listed in Etsy this evening.
So, whats on your needles?
Come on...Don't be shy!


  1. Those are both adorable. I love the tiger stripes, is that a purewool color or did you dye it yourself?

  2. Thanks! Purewools name for it is "Thunder" The writing is a bit....odd so...

  3. Great, thanks. I'll remember that one next time I'm on their site.

  4. They are so cute. I am always amazed at how quickly you churn these out.

  5. Evie, Thanks,but the smalls knit up much faster...hows your Mom?

  6. I love them both! Tigers are my favorite animal ;) Smalls do work up a lot faster.. I had to make myself stop after two pants, 3 soakers, and 2 wraps for my own lo hehe.

  7. Very cute. I've not been knitting so much lately (blogging took over), but I'm itching to churn some more things out soon.



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