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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Faces

Miss Evie had her first cereal today, I think this face express' her thoughts.
After the first bite she was ready for more!
She has also found this "thing" in her mouth

She will play quite a while with her new toy!
We love watching the faces she makes.
Our Neighbor across the field have their Granddaughter on the weekends.
Today was her birthday & they said she could have one of those BIG blow up toys?
They let her choose which one........

The slide is as tall as a 2 story house

She could not decide, they could not tell her no,
so they rented both!?!
I told her to ask for the car now.


  1. Oooh her first cereal :) How old is she again? Joel has a little while to go before we hit the cereal stage, though the Easter Bunny did bring him some cereal in his Easter basket!

  2. lol such cute faces. Kailey said Dada a couple of days ago. It is her first word. The other two said Mama first so I can't complain :)
    Wow, I can't believe they rented both... Ty's bday is one day before Halloween and our church normally rents those things for the Fall Festival and we have his party combined with it :)

  3. OH soooo CUTE! Love your photos.

  4. Look at that lil smoochy face! :o)

    Beautiful girls!

  5. So very very cute!

    I second you on the asking for a car bit. She just might get it!


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