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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brats At Easter

There are few times in life when a parent can GET EVEN with the children.
Those of you with sweet little ones may be saying get even? These sweet innocent babies? HAH! Your day will come when you too will plot and plan....
What would be more simple than taking a photo of your adult daughters...
This was photo 15!
After they heard the time aged.....
GIRLS, alrightnow..(used this way it is one word)..from Dad...
Yes, he still has that power!
The Crossed eyes,

Someone just haaaas to talk

Oh, the best shot of them all! They will love seeing this ! Soon to be framedPhoto 16, My Girls, Danielle, Erika & Rachel

And, I was out of batteries.

Good thing I already had photos of the Grands!


  1. LOL 3 girls... well of course there is always talking and goofing and no staying still.. that's just asking too much you know? (at any age) :)
    Nice pics and I love the crazy one.

  2. I was laughing out loud at this one. SO FAMILIAR!! Only it's my boys, not my girls! I feel so bad for the photographer that is doing my son's wedding.

  3. They are absolutely beautiful!! I have such a soft spot in my heart when I see the bald chemo head. You know I have a daughter who has survived the five year mark. I praise God for his gift of a second life to her and us.
    Love you and pray for the very best for all of you.


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