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Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Rose is HAPPY!

Sewing is put on hold while waiting for size labels. I know me and if I start cutting things out they will get jumbled. I prefer assembly line sewing as it much less time consuming. So...I have to wait, forever it seem!
But, I grabbed the needles and cast on a pair of "Sheepy Time Knits" Shorties.
Using 3ply Purewool, ummmm wonderfully soft!
This color is "Happy Rose"...it sure is bright, cheerful & very Happy!
After high 60's for the past few weeks, this cold snap is Mother Natures way of saying...NaNa nu NaNa! I need the cheerful Spring Pink!
Sure glad I waited to plant those Pansies!

I've been going through the painful/time sucking task of recreating all of my files & folders.
All my photos, patterns purchased & free gone in a blink. At this point I think I would feel a great deal of satisfaction using my old laptop for target practice!


  1. That is a very spring color. It looks like some of the azaleas that are already through blooming down here.

  2. Very pretty color. I played with my new dyes finally and did a rose color myself for the same reason (I need spring here now!). Like you said this cold front was bad. We were in the 60s-70's and then yesterday was 32 for the low. Supposedly it will be in the 70s again today lol. We'll see.
    I've had to gather all my patterns 2 times before when my computer crashed. It is no fun!

  3. Beautiful yarn! And I absolutely know what you mean about the size tags - I just got mine in and feel sane again, now I can finish a ton of stuff and get started on the next. Not having them was paralyzing!


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