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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whats Up Wednesday!

Lots of "stuff" goin on around here!
I haven't shown many projects lately, as I've been working on an order. 3sets of the Antropologie dish cloths.
They are done. I just have to package up.

I have on the needles a few pair of shorties, here is a sneak peak of "Grappel" & "Bliss".
I should finish these in the next few days.
Were going camping this weekend & rain is in the forecast, (of course)
so I'm sure I'll have plenty of knitting time!
And to fulfill the sewing addiction..........
A friend of ours is expecting baby #3 & has decided to go with cloth diapers.
She is more than willing to use recycled fabrics but.....
I just had to pick up a few new cute prints
Can you guess the gender?
Ahem....did you notice the wooly sheep? How about the camping flannel...what self respecting R.V. Dealers wife could/would pass that one up! Might even make a few for Evie from that one!

And a few solids for inside the dipes. Well, they were on sale.
I figure if you have to do a dirty job you might as well have fun with it!

So tell me, what are your plans for this fine day!
Hmmm....... wonder if I can move the table outside to sew!


  1. Oh that is funny, the yarn on the right I just dyed one close to it.. loved it but then it came out kind of light so I added more to it. :) I have that monkey fabric! I'm knitting with my first purewool today and trying to keep from going crazy(er).. (isn't that everyday?)

  2. beautiful! I bet you will have fun sewing all those colors!

  3. Oh, to dream of being outside whilst sewing! I've been stuck in the garage dying yarn; the mere thought of having the sewing machine outside while the kids play is sending me to bed quite, quite happy. Perhaps it will happen one day!

  4. Loving all those pinks and blues! :o)

    Not loving the thought of camping in the rain. EW.

  5. I'm still working on getting some diapers made for my BIG 12 yr old boy, but there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do...*sigh*

    LOL... my word verification is
    nupoop !

  6. Have a good time camping! Do you tent camp or RV camp? (Hopefully RV camp if it rains) I love that camping fabric by the way :)


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