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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cleaning up, Shoveling out & Sewing up

Its one of those days....
nothings wrong, just cant get myself motivated.
It may have a bit to do with my house looking like.....
it was ransacked...
a nuclear explosion would be neater......
I'm not joking.
Wish I were
The pathways through fabric & yarn in my living room
are blocked.
The laundry has been breeding
and has created its own Country in my basement
no, not a village or town...
an entire Country.
I told myself....no knitting for a few hours
until I at least make a dent in it.
So I'm sewing up a few wips.....It's not knitting
2 pair of booties needing sewn since Jan....
yes, of this year.
I'm telling myself its a step in cleaning out the wip pile
to the completed bins
Off to start a load of laundry downstairs,
but first
I need to find a rope...
in case it sucks me in.
If there are no posts for a few days......
send help.
But tell them
to tie on a rope first.
I'm not joking

1 comment:

  1. You're too funny! I liked the bit about the laundry breeding and creating its own country. That's how I feel about my fabric stash sometimes... it's so big it has its own zip code!


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