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Monday, April 27, 2009

Invasion into the country that is Laundry

Wow, what a great weekend! Weather wise it was our first true summer days, over 90! I made a major invasion into the country of Laundry, got it broken up into small villages and decimated them as I worked my way through the continent.
With the weather so nice I rigged a clothesline on the back deck & things were dry before the next load was ready to hang.
I would LOVE a real a clothesline, there is nothing like the smell of wind & sun dried sheets......OK, I have to stop thinking of that or I will crawl back in bed. With almost 2 acres I should be able to find space for one...you would think.....
Ever hung damp clothes (whites) under trees? You end up with little black stain spots..... from the tree poop.
Who knew trees poop. Loosing so may trees this past fall from the wind storm I thought, oooh, now we have clear spots!
Ahem, no.
Whats that I hear? The country of laundry calling in re-enforcements ...
better go head them off at the stairs!
Have a good Monday!


  1. Good luck with your full frontal assault on Laundry!

  2. We are moving next weekend and I am hoping I can add a clothes line to our new backyard, but I have too check the bi laws first too see if I am allowed?
    I have no idea where all the laundry in our house comes from it is never ending. Good luck with yours :)

  3. I never knew laundry could be so interesting your a great writer! Good luck it piles up too fast!

  4. Laundry is one of those battles that never end, kind of like aging.. you just fight it off as long as you can and when you turn around.. surprise!
    I'm fighting my laundry battle today too.. DH said he didn't have any undies yesterday.. I went to check the pile and couldn't find anything... I got lucky that some were in the dryer... my bad.

  5. Country? The laundry has its own planet here! LOL

    I don't like clothes that have been hung outside. They always have those teeny red biting bugs in them. Do you not have them where you live?

  6. Morther M, We do have those critters...but as soon as I bring the load in I throw it in the dryer for abot 10-25 min. No problems so far! Took about $65.00 off the elect bill this month! So, its a win w...in..I get a workout running up and down the stairs to the basement & save $!

  7. Jaclyn...you have that baby yet?
    You look wonderful!

    Rosey Girl & Native Mama..Thanks for visiting, I hope you'll be back. I enjoy both of your blogs!

  8. Glad to hear you've worked your way to small villages :)

    I used to hang things up in the basement to dry but when I graduated with my masters, my parents bought me a set of front loading washer and dryer. They're very energey efficient so now I don't feel bad throwing stuff in the dryer!

  9. Well, they were on the list to purchase this year after we built the addition, (sewing room, laundry & bathroom) but with the trip to Poland,,,,,it will be a year or so...but thats ok by me!

  10. I think I will have to use your approach to the laundry. I just noticed some was starting to creep out of the laundry room door.

  11. Laundry never seems to end. I love to hang clothes out to dry. I start as soon as the snow melts enough that I can get over to the line. Which reminds me....I have a load waiting to go out.

    Nice visiting here today!


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