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Friday, December 19, 2008

Frantic Friday!

I know I can't be the only one out there frantically trying to finish Christmas Gifts & projects! I was able to have 2 of the 3 baby sets for Monica completed this week. The first is for a baby girl born in November. I took these at about 1 am so, the photos are not the best!

And the 1st of 2 infant boy sets
We did get our tree up this week. With every ones schedules and Larry hunting it took some coordinating. Our son Aaron's birthday is the 10th of December so we normally waited until after that to put the tree up. Poor kid always got shorted for his birthday! Now its habit to wait. With the kids all having the nerve to grow up, it was Isaiah's year to place the angel on the tree. That poor angel, shes so tattered and discolored from sticky children's fingers but I just can't bring myself to replace her yet. Our oldest Danielle used to place the angel while the others were so young, then as they were old enough to reach (with Daddy's assistance) we had yearly squabbles over who's turn it was to set her in place. So we started "THE LIST" A piece of notebook paper with the year and (age order) of who's turn it was next. The 1st year that Aaron was gone in the service went to Rachel, home in time from collage. Those who were not home always asked who placed the Angel this year!

Now, were moving on to the Grandchildren.
This was Isaiah's first year, with Grandpa's help. It will be interesting to see what our children do as their family's grow.

What traditions with your tree do you have? Star or Angel? Do you have a List?

We have in our home what we refer to as "The Cabinet."
Everyone has one, the cabinet with all the storage containers. The empty butter tubs, Rubbermaid, Tupperware, extra pitchers. Nothing fits....never stacks, the great balancing act.
It was punishment in our home. The kids would open the door toss something in & slam the door quickly before they had an avalanche. It became a form of punishment in our home. Get in trouble? Need time to think over your decisions? Go clean out the cabinet! They would have preferred to mow, clean the bathroom or basement rather than that cabinet! There was aways a deep moaning sigh like sound as they plopped on the floor in front of it. And the ALL stared at that door in fear before opening it. For the past 5-6 years the top hinge has been pretty iffy, it finally gave out and needed replaced. So, Isaiah with Grandpa's assistance replaced it. Isaiah said this cabinets a mess! Well, while your down there........Isaiah just looked at me & shut the door.

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