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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Projects in the Works

A "Manly Man" Charcoal Scarf for Jackie. Just waiting on a Button decision.

And Baby Set 1 For Monie, A over due Shower Gift

Baby Set Number 2. Again for Monie

Looks like I have a busy evening ahead of me. And a messy kitchen. Larry is redoing the shelves in my pantry to give me more space. I'm scared..................I know whats in there! It will be so nice to have the space but, I have to put it all back!


  1. WOOOOOO I am so excited for this lovely scarf for my wonderful husband. He is a big supporter of warm necks, so I know he will love it! After a very hard decision (including imagining my hubby in his classy and casual winter coats and which would be better) I decided upon the black button. Well, and after asking him "Classy or Casual?"


    I am excited for Christmas morning.

  2. The wrapping is so cute I kept it unopened for Christmas Morning- after parading the package in front of the husband of course. Thank you!


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