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Monday, December 29, 2008

A Few Finished Items

We have had the craziest past 10 days or so. If it needs plugged in, charged or hooked to the Internet, we've been sunk! The speaker on my cell phone went out and I needed another...Larry picked me up a "Rant". I love it or I'm sure I will once I learn how to use it. It only comes with a little booklet that tells you how to turn it on etc. You have to go online to look at the manual! I'm beginning to think I can program it for dishes and laundry if I can only learn how! I thought my computer was dying....our Internet services (again) was the problem. We've been having a ongoing battle with them for nearly a year. Service is so sporadic, zip right along and then .............nothing. This summer they decided to redo our cable lines, and put in commercial lines. Helped some but.......what is sad is I am able to connect to my neighbors just fine (and yes they know and said its o.k.!) So, I will continue to call the service provider every time it goes down, I'm done with nice.
The other day, my daughter e mailed me from work at 2PM. I received it at 3:30AM! I sent a nice e mail to Insight asking (insert sarcasm) how long it should take to receive e mails & when are they going to fix this. And please reply by phone as at this rate it would be March before I was able to read it! They came the next morning. Its doing it again today, so I e mailed again. Don't make me come down there!

So with all the time on hold, I was able to complete a few things that have been laying around for quite a while.
First up is the Sheepy Time Longies. I misjudged my yardage so they became Capri's. This colorway is called "Midnight" by Radiant Twist a wonderful yarnie on Etsy.

Sheepy Time Soaker size large in "Grove" another colorway by Radiant Twist. Nice thick soaker, would be fantastic for night time use.
Another Sheepy Time Soaker This one is also a large. This is one of the first colorways I dyed using Fisherman's wool. Great for day time use.

Both of the soaker body's have been done since early spring. I just needed to add the cuffs!
So, nice 2 inch cuffs have been added. And all 3 are listed in Etsy.
I'm trying to finish all the finishing work, no Fairies have shown up to sew seams or buttons. I have a few projects that will need to carry over to the new year but, my intent is to clean out the WIP bins & baskets. Frog or finish!

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