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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Just a few quick photos of my, mechanic, plumber, electrician, pipe fixer, nor dob (door knob) fixer, nail pounder, washer fixer, window washer, yarn winder, who dresses himself.

I''m hoping to make his 7 month pregnant Mommy (who feels like shes 12 mo pregnant) Smile!

Worker Man Isaiah!

So what do you say Mommy?


  1. Rec from Erika:

    I've never replied to a blog, so I hope you get this!! I love it!!! He is such a mess! I'm assuming Daddy didn't take him to the babysitter today and he got to stay and play with Grandma?? Yeah... like he won't be going crazy all day!!! Thanks mom, you made me smile!

  2. Send the little handyman my way! He's ready to take on my list.
    I'm glad you made his Mom smile.

    Oh, and yes, there were 10 in that stack of fabric. Ooops. Never hurts with grandkiddos and a daughter to have a little "extra"!


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