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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Production & Painful Growth

Some times life just gets in the way ya know? There is production with the "Oh Baby Longies", they are half completed and should be ready for the mail by Monday Morning.

We've had a few time sucking emotional roller coaster "issues" that I have allowed to to over ride our lives.
Well, that's over. After a lot of prayer, I'm choosing to move on in a positive light. I've finally learned, I can't change others thoughts, hurtful words, actions or reactions & will no longer try to change them or, allow them to hurt me.
I can only choose my own.

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  1. I too am struggling with mean, hurtful people and for me it is so hard to just get over it because it's family. Family can sometimes be the worst. I have made the decision to move on and to be done with it, with them but with Christmas coming it's going to be hard.


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